We create websites, develop brands and build online stores for businesses and organizations.

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We provide clients with comprehensive Web Design services. From startups to marketing agencies seeking to look and feel different, Simon-Charles will build, deploy, optimize and maintain your personal or company website while providing expert-level maintenance and continuing service.

Simon-Charles Agency was founded in 2015 by Nick Lacher as a passion project designed to combine art and technology and provide online solutions in an increasingly digital world. Our goal has always been to give clients an edge through leveraging art and technology and combining them with current best-practices for web and digital design.

Purposeful Digital Design is at the core of our philosophy. While we enjoy creating beautiful websites and digital products, our first aim is to provide real solutions to problems. We get to know our clients’ businesses with a thorough discovery process and then strategize a solution to fit your unique needs.

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We craft
custom Websites

We everything from consiguring hosting to building, optimizing and managing your website. The perfect solution for brands and businesses looking to improve or expand their digital presence.

We rebuild and redesign

Web design trends and functionality move at a blistering pace. If you’re not staying on top of your website, it can quickly become outdated. We breathe new life into old websites and redesign your customer experience from the ground up.

We build bespoke
digital products

We embrace and encourage creativity: those bold enough to try something new can reap the rewards. We feel creativity is the art of visual perfection. It’s what triggers all of our senses.

Our goal is to provide creative design solutions for businesses that are in need of high quality, effective tools, and state-of-the-art design with a quick turn-around.

Our clients are our
number one priority.

Taking on a client means being entrusted with something that they built with their blood, sweat and tears. We never take this lightly and vow to leave whatever we touch in better condition than we found it, or not to touch it at all.


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Common questions

Absolutely. We embrace partnerships with our clients and enjoy working on projects over long periods as we get to know the business and maximize efficiency.

Yes. We will help you obtain a domain (your website address), connect and configure a hosting account, and then we’re ready to start building!

Absolutely. Responsive design is web lingo for “designs that resize according to screen size.” All of our websites are also configured for mobile and tablets.

We provide on-page SEO, meaning that we configure your website to be seen and indexed by all major search engines.




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