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Dr. Lissa Jenn

Dermatology Specialist

12 years experience

Waiting rooms

Our app allows you to get the full-service offerings of a doctors office from the comfort of your home.

Healthcare partnerships

20,000 doctors, 150 specialties,


Dr. Rachel Haldims

Family medicine

20 years experience


Dr. Mariel Senry


13 years experience


Dr. Damian Pix

orthopedic surgeon

16 years experience


Dr. Shi Yon

Cardiovascular Specialist

11 years experience

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Dr. Stephani Lim

Optometrist Specialist


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“I get all my prescriptions through this app. now I never have to waste my time going to a doctors office and sitting around the waiting room!”

Theo James

“I love my dermatologist that I found on this app! She is very professional and it’s so easy to just chat or video call her whenever I need something!”

Emilia Munro

“I downloaded this app when i was super sick and had a doctor wrote me a prescription within 15 minutes!! What a life-changing app!”

Branden Griffiths

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We charge a flat rate of $65 dollars. Insurance-related costs are not considered in our pricing as they vary so widely.

Doctors are recommended based on your network so you’ll have no issues finding the right fit.

Medications can be prescribed online with enrollment.

Our comprehensive app will find you the perfect specialist for your specific needs, every time.