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We take a look under the hood and do a thorough inspection of your Website. We explore your goals and how we can align your digital presence with your personal goals, designing a tailor-made strategy to suit your needs.

UX Audit


Competitive Analysis


Web Design

Simon-Charles is a Digital Agency specializing in Web Design. We craft pixel-perfect websites that engage your customers and convey your brand’s message. We build our designs from the ground up and to spec, ensuring all our projects are stable on mobile devices.

Website Design

Website Redesigns

Digital Product Design

Landing Page Design


Once we’ve launched your project we continue to test, tweak and make adjustments. We’ll keep your website updated, safe and secure for the life of the project so you can focus on the important things: running your business.


Website Redesigns

Digital Product Design

Landing Page Design

Website Packages

We offer full Website Packages that include hosting and Website Management so you can remain as hands off as you like.


Website Design



our process

Our tried and tested process is designed to identify areas where we’re able to add the most value, so when we build your Website or Digital Product we can move quickly and with precision.


Discovery is where we do our due diligence and explore every nook and cranny of your digital presence. We explore site flow, analytics, expected customer behavior and more to identify areas we can add the most value. Competitive analysis gives us insight into top performing sites in similar areas as well as a feel for current design trends. We collect actionable information and use it to make us both better.


The design phase is where we define the visual aesthetic of your project, as well as form the layout of your website or landing pages. We put together a rough draft that serves as a blueprint on how to proceed. Once the design has been finalized, we build out your project into its final state, so it’s important the final design is as close to the finished product as possible.


In the build phase, we physically build the site or project we’ve designed. If you think of the design as a blueprint, then the build phase creates the final structure. We create a usable draft and thoroughly test across different devices and use cases. Once the final draft is approved, we’re ready to launch!


In the deployment phase, we launch your live Website or Landing Page. Hooray! Now that your website or landing page is live, we can track real customer data and make adjustments. In some cases there may be unforeseen challenges that only arise with real-world use, and this is where we address them.


For some, their journey with us ends here as they hand off their website to internal teams. But for most, we continue to manage and maintain the project as long as is necessary. We keep your website up to date and secure with continued maintenance for the life of the project.


Have a project in mind?

We’ll guide you through the entire  web design process from discovery though final launch. Whether you’re in need of a brand new website or a redesign of a current project, Simon-Charles has you covered. Once your site is built to specifications, we test, manage and optimize it all the way through launch and beyond so you can rest easy knowing your digital presence is in capable and competent hands.