We update older websites by embracing mobile and responsive functionality.


Websites may need redesigning for all sorts of reasons, but the one we hear most is this: “my website no longer looks as good as my competitors’.” As website trends and best practices evolve, it’s easy to end up with a website sporting obsolete technology and older visuals. We’re always keeping up with design trends and where the industry is headed so we can give our clients the competitive advantage they need to grow online. We give Redesigns the same meticulous attention to detail that we give to our own websites, so you can be sure you’re staying ahead of your competition.


We stick to best practices and treat our Website Redesigns with the same care and precision we give our homemade sites. In 2022, its estimated that 60% of all web traffic is browsing on a mobile device, so as always we give special care to your mobile experience. A thorough discovery precedes all or our builds so that when we design and develop your site we know that our adjustments will be meaningful.





Recent Projects: